Kathryn offers Individual and Small Group Training in Pilates and Myofascial Training Online. With Kathryn you will uncover your body's strengths and habits and participate in an individualized movement practice designed for your body's needs and your personal wellness goals. Experience how consistently practicing a custom approach will allow you to start anywhere to develop a stronger, more adaptable body and mind.

Although the basic structure of the bones and muscles of every body are the same, you have lived in yours differently than anyone else. Your story impacts the way you respond to your body and how your body responds to you. Your physical, mental, and emotional history will impact the way you experience movement. Working in small groups or one on one allows you to navigate your particular needs and get the most out of your training.

"I am a retired family physician, trained in diagnosis and treatment. I was so impressed with Kathryn's ability to figure out which of my muscles and joints were causing me pain, and to teach me ways to lessen my pain. Kathryn's Pilates sessions were transformative for me and my pain. ​I am very grateful for my Pilates sessions with Kathryn. She is an empathetic, knowledgable, and gentle instructor."

Dr. Ruth E, Vancouver BC

Change Happens Through Movement & Movement Heals

- Joseph Pilates


Kathryn is a graduate of Art of Motion Academy's Slings Myofascial Training Diploma Program which is endorsed my Thomas Myers. She is comprehensively trained on all Pilates Equipment by Balanced Body and professionally certified by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). As a strong believer in continuing education, Kathryn has participated in Integral Anatomy and is currently Studying Anatomy Trains Structural Integration.