About Kathryn

Kathryn is a Slings Myofascial Training Teacher Advanced Level and is comprehensively trained on all Pilates Equipment by Balanced Body and professionally certified by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). 

Kathryn works deliberately with her clients focusing on precision, alignment, breath, and myofascial health. She believes the Pilates and Myofascial Movement methods offer a modality to gain or regain mobility, balance, control, agility in every body, opening up the increased possibility for spontaneity and joyful activity. 

As a strong believer in continuing education, Kathryn attends workshops regularly with a particular interest in fascia and movement. She is currently Structural Integration, a manual technique that aims for bodywide structural balance. 


Common Queries


What is Slings Myofascial Training

Slings, for short, is a movement practice that intensionally trains the fascia as well as the muscles. Its overall aim is to enhance structural balance and radiant health through movement. The long-term training goals are optimized movement efficiency, enhanced resilience and the activation of the body's self-healing powers. Dynamic stability, functional strength and movement ease are promoted along with tissue elasticity, glide, adaptability and responsiveness. Refined movement differentiation and awareness improve coordination and psychosomatic wellbeing. This is intentionally achieved through a combination of toning, lengthening, massaging, and bouncing movements.

What is Myofascia or Fasica?

The myofascial system refers to the system of muscles (myo) and fascia in your body. Fascia is a continuous fibrous tissue network in the body that differentiates yet connects the different structures in the body including muscles and bones. Some examples of fascia are tendons, ligaments, epimysium (the tissue that wraps around individual muscles), & periosteum (the tissue that wraps around each bone). As you can imagine we have a lot of fasica in the body - a very good reason to consider it!

What Equipment is Needed?

Most of my classes make use of soft massage balls. Any soft massage ball with nodules will do. The recommended tools can be purchased here in the US and Canada.

What about Muscles?

You cannot train muscles without training fascia or train fascia without training muscles. Of course muscles are what move us and strengthening them is a very good thing. And so, of course, toning exercises are always included in Slings Classes. However, Slings Training chooses to consider fascial health and fascial connections as its priority. By doing so you may find that you need less effort to perform your muscle focused training or daily life, or sense more clearly a bodywide contribution to your tasks.

Bookings and Payments

Your website says you are in Boston, Why are your prices in CND?

I am a Canadian living in Boston and so my business and many of my clients are based in Canada. However, I do accept USD via Venmo or credit card by request. If you would like, I am happy to send an invoice in USD.



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