Why Invest in Virtual Sessions?
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Prerecorded Videos are always available, so its super easy to put them off again and again until you realize days have past. With a virtual session you have the convenience of working out at home or work and the accountability of an appointment. Someone expects you to show up and distractions must wait!

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In a virtual session, you aren't alone. Your instructor will be watching and talking with you to be able to give feedback on your movements and choose the most effective exercises for your physical history and goals. Dialogue and workshopping movements that don't feel 'right' will help you feel the best. .

In Small or Private Training you are an individual. You and your instructor develop a relationship and in group classes you also connect with others with similar goals. Creating a health focused community can help with anxiety, stress, loneliness, and motivation.  

"I have been participating in Kathryn’s Virtual Pilates Classes. I live in Scotland and have attended local Pilates classes prior to lockdown. I have to say that Kathryn’s virtual classes are fantastic! Her instructions are clear and precise and she observes all our movements ensuring we are all moving our bodies correctly. I always feel fantastic after working out in the class. I can thoroughly recommend Kathryn’s virtual classes. I will be continuing with her classes as a preference."

Rachel R, Scotland